Metroid Crime

Hello, I'm Metroid Crime! I'm a variety streamer that hates shields and ladders. she/any pronouns.

I am a Canadian internet broadcaster and content creator. I play video games on Twitch, with a strong preference for indie games, Metroidvania games, and Souls-like games. I also enjoy voice acting a variety of visual novels. I occasionally stream a variety of other creative hobbies such as crafts, illustration, programming, and cooking streams.

For a quick glance at my achievements, take a look at my Media Kit!

Older Gamer


I've been involved in content creation since 2012. In 2018, I began streaming on Twitch, and have been ever since. I love being able to share my experiences in gaming with a worldwide audience. I also create additional video edits and stream highlights that I publish on YouTube.

I stream on weekdays, with additional streams every once in a while on the weekends!


Lady Arcaders is an all-women's gaming collective and community that runs weekly events and occasional charity events. We strive to uplift and encourage women in their gaming endeavors by providing a supportive environment to showcase their skills in! The Lady Arcaders collective was founded by Metroid Crime in February 2022 and is run by a handful of volunteer staff.



I participate in several charity fundraiser livestreams throughout the years. I have previously raised money for the Canadian Cancer Society, Extra Life, and The Trevor Project. I am also directly involved with planning for the annual Catanathon against Cancer, including setting up the website and donation infrastructure.


I have spoken at several events, including educational workshops and anime/gaming conventions! I have taught multiple workshops on the topics of electronic textiles and programming at maker spaces and universities. I have also been a guest on CBC Radio's Metro Morning to speak about my work in e-textiles.

I love teaching people new things!


Wanna see the type of stuff I broadcast?